Code to hope In Benin Comé Grand-Popo with Habib Kousse

How We Started

CodeToHope was founded by Phil Padonou, a software engineer, who built a career path from humble beginnings in his native Benin, Africa through technology and education.

With poverty being a persisting issue in his home, Phil was empowered to discover a truly effective solution to fighting this epidemic.

He realized purchasing food and materials would never fully address poverty and the underlying issues the community was facing.

By combining his passion in giving back and his knowledge as a software engineer, he saw providing educational opportunities through technology as a way to invest in the education of future leaders of Benin.

From this idea, CodeToHope was founded to provide access to technology and education in an effort to bring socio-economic change to underpriviledged communities.

CodeToHope in the village of Comé Grand-Popo Benin Republic

Our Mission

Our mission is to fight poverty by giving future leaders the tools they need to empower their communities.

Unfortunately, many children in places around the world have never seen or even heard of a computer. Lacking understanding and access to these resources hinder many of the opportunities working with them can provide.

By giving these children and young adults access to technology and providing them with mentors, we hope to gradually increase both their computer and technical skills over time.

We truly believe investing in the IT education of youth can result in drastic economic improvement for the communities involved.

CodeToHope empowering children in Come, BENIN, AFRICA

Our Program

Jump Into tech

Digital competence and technology are vital tools for breaking the poverty cycle and providing opportunities for children around the world. Technology can give a child living in poverty access to the same information as the most affluent child. Technology has the incredible power to improve the connection to healthcare, education, foster economic growth and create opportunities for nations around the world.

This program through donations, scheduled lessons from mentors, and the use of educational software will give children the exposure to basic computer skills necessary and incrementally build their technical skills throughout school.

Donate a desktop or laptop and and help a child dream come true

Our Progress

We’ve started our initiative by donating 15 laptops to Sohon, a small village located in the Benin Republic of Africa. We then hired a specialist to visit the school (Complexe Scolaire de Sohon) twice a week to help educate the teachers on how to use and maintain the technology. Each computer was paid for out of pocket by CodeToHope team members. The devices were purchased from Craigslist, loaded with educational programs and shipped in December 2016.

We currently plan to donate to schools in Comè, Kandevie, Dassa, and other villages in the region that are lacking in modern technology and hardware maintenance. Currently CodeToHope targets The Benin Republic with the hope to expand in Africa and abroad as our initiative grows.